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Your Silva Method Instructor & Coach  Ken Coscia

Director for New England & Silva International's Training Director and Ambassador

Ken Coscia has maintained a continual commitment to The Silva Method and the work of Jose, Juan and Laura Silva, since 1971. His leadership in designing Silva Graduate Support activities in Boston in the 70’s still serves as a model today.

During this time, Ken has facilitated transformation and coached over 100,000 people from all over the world. He continues to help them discover and apply the practical skills to naturally and easily increase productivity, lower medical costs, stay focused, positive and motivated in addition to becoming more creative ĘC intuitive in their ability to create solutions and get into “Flow”.

He is one of Silva International’s most experienced and respected Instructors. He was handpicked in 1984 by Jose, Juan and Laura Silva to serve on the advanced programs staff and has won nearly every award Silva offers.

Ken earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Managerial Psychology in 1973 at Boston University. He has also accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in various related modalities, often shares the stage with some of the greats in this field, and yet through it all maintains a clear and finely focused attention to the vision of “enriching the planet by empowering the individual” through The Silva Method.

Currently, Ken lives with his family in Connecticut, USA. He teaches the new Silva Life System (of which he is a presenter on the new home study programs) & The Silva Intuition Training (aka. Ultra Mind ESP System) in Connecticut, Boston, MA and Seattle, WA. He travels the world conducting his Silva Mastery Seminarsm, PowerLearningsm, and Intuition & Yousm workshops. Ken also serves as the International Training Director (for instructors) for Silva International and in his spare time serves a growing corporate, union and physician group client list with emotional intelligence and dynamic meditation workshops.

A Message From Ken to You!


"If you are looking for an experienced professional who walks his talk, and lives his life with integrity, put Ken on your list. Any individual and organization seeking personal or professional development would be well served to connect with Ken. Be it one-to-one support or group dynamics, whatever your style, Ken's intuitive ability will quickly assess your needs and objectives and powerfully support you in realizing them in a calm yet focused manner."

John Felitto, Business & personal coach

A Recent Comment:

Dear Ken,

"I have been wanting to email you ever since I had the wonderful privilege of having you as the instructor for the four day Silva Seminar in Carol Stream a few weeks ago. After last evenings webinar/teleconference I can thank you for two!

I tried to return to Silva a number of times over the years but the same approach remained in the classes. I always experienced a sense of failure and shame for not being able to accomplish all of the goals that were being programmed for. It was pervasive in a subtle and underlying way. My whole reason for sharing all of this is because I had to discover through my own paths to spiritual healing, that there exists a much greater picture than we as humans can begin to realize. That was NEVER brought up or made mention of by anyone in Silva. Even as recently as my last attendance in the four day class a couple of years ago, it still seemed almost taboo to approach that concept.

I want you to know, that it was not until having the joyous experience of attending your classes, that I felt like I had come full circle. Your very wise and evolved approach allows for the bigger picture, it allows for mistakes, it allows for being human and for self forgiveness, it also allows for as many spiritual viewpoints as there are people attending the classes. In my very humble opinion you are providing people with the ability to truly connect and put to use all of the wonderful principles and tools that have always been there since Silva's infancy. The principles and tools were always there but they were never accompanied by the wisdom you convey.

Please accept my deepest gratitude from my heart and soul for the gifts you have given through your teaching. You have no idea of the contribution your are truly making to our world. I look forward to experiencing the Silva Mastery program with you as the instructor, coming in November!"

Blessed be with peace and love - Marcie Vasta


Business Owners & Self-Employed Professionals
just like you are changing their lives
with Ken's techniques.

Ken can be available to your business, organization and or sales team to customize a professional development training program or deliver a practical inspirational talk.

Some of the topics include:

Platinum Customer Service

Mastering Emotions In The Work Place

Power Learning

Intuition & You

How To Stay Calm, Healthy, & Productive ...Even Under Pressure

For More information and to see if we are a fit, phone 860 674-1009. Or visit www.kencoscia.com.





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