Retrain Your Brain To Get The Most Out Of The Silva Skills


Retraining the brain to create neural pathways requires focusing on a clear intention with elevated emotions and repetition. This video lesson was prepared for Ken’s Silva Method students to inspire them to make a daily practice of their Silva skills.

The Power Of A Thought To Succeed

There are four principles that make up the foundational framework that all personal and professional development programs are built on. These principles are universal, simple, straightforward and a challenge to adhere to.

High Performance, getting what you want or manifesting like a Master is all about taking command of your life from the inside out.
The 4 Step Process is the very core – foundation to any self-improvement modality.

1. Cultivate creative thoughts of possibilities…your Best Self. This is the trigger – switch – spark that fires ……

2. Feelings – Emotions -memories which cause the brain to release a flood of neurochemicals that…..

3. Produce a State of Being – mentally and physically which has a direct influence on the quality of our actions/behaviors – performance which…….

4. Affects the Outcome and/or Results!

Cultivating creative thoughts is the key to start the process of bringing out your Best Self and a life defined by a vision of the future.


Think Outside Of the Box – A Neuro Tip from Mark Waldman
“Repeated exposure to the same ideas weakens the brain’s ability to take action. Neurons become more active during any form of learning, and thus we are more motivated when we are introduced to new experiences, feelings, and thoughts. Whenever we are learning something new, communication between neurons improves, whereas old ideas put the brain to sleep. So if you want to stay happy, healthy, and interested in life, expose yourself to new people, experiences, and ideas.  Eric Kandel won the Nobel Prize for his discoveries about learning and habituation by studying the effects on the neurons of sea slugs!”


Silva Method Practitioners – A Friendly Reminder

  • The Memory Pegs – Fantastic Voyage Exercise – Laboratory And Counselors – Mental Projection Exercises are excellent tools to cultivate creative thought and thinking out of the box.
  •  You can then use Mirror of The Mind and/or Holoviewing to program your goals and Life Vision.



Take Command…It’s your Life After-all!!!

Stop settling for less. If you want to take command of your life and create a life that is filled with passion, achievement, and reward, the most effective solution is through self-improvement and personal growth. This is a chance to focus solely on your personal growth and development, and a chance for you to learn how to become a stronger, more resourceful and more powerful person. Winners find a way and Ken Coscia can help you find yours at The Immersion Experience.

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Remember to…….. DO Good – Make A Difference – Have Fun & Thrive!



You can expand on these tools in the comfort and privacy of your home 24/7. Please check out Ken’s New online Advanced Master Class Mini-Courses.  

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5 Steps To Solve Problems And Create Solutions


Solving problems and creating solutions requires both creativity and a framework to guide us. 

Ken, Silva lead instructor and International Training Director will share with you the five steps necessary to solve problems, create solutions, take command of your life, increase your income, improve your relationships, optimize your health, and experience what seems like the universe is conspiring to help you manifest your life’s desires.
New research has taught us that our brain is actually able to change based on experiences. This is called Neuroplasticity and as it turns out even the aging brain change learn, adapt and change.

Mastering Your Life is an Inner Game and the one key to SUSTAINED success in every area of your life. In short, it’s an Owner’s Manual for Your Mind. If you get this right, your life will never be the same and you will be free from struggle once and for all. You’ll Make Better Decisions and Recognize Your Opportunities by accessing your creativity and intuition. Making the most of opportunities also means recognizing them for what they are and not making them worse.




How To Reduce Inner Conflict At Work Or Home

You can reduce and/or eliminate inner conflict and the resulting emotional pain by first recognizing that conflict is OK and inevitable.



When faced with a challenging situation, negative/angry person and/or feeling out of integrity, you can ask:

1. Can I change him/her?

2. Can I Fix him/her?

3. Can I help him/her?

4. Can I change me? (the most effective)

I use these questions to help me work through negative emotions and upsets with other people. The use of these questions has made a big difference and I’d like to help you to do the same.

I recommend that you ask these questions and reflect on your answers while in a relaxed meditative state; ie Alpha level.

One of the dynamic meditation tools that I use throughout my personal and professional life to amplify the benefits of the clarity gained with the conflict questions is the Open Your Heart Meditation

We, as we move through life, experience many challenges, demands and temporary setbacks… stressors. These demands coupled with an inability to manage them can lead to disharmony, imbalance and overwhelm. It’s as if the Ego is having a tantrum. We, under these conditions, can become self absorbed, self centered and needy and thus lose our effectiveness as a human being.

The Opening Your Heart Meditation is recommended as a technique to calm the Ego and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love.  If we vibrate with love, prosperity and happiness, we will attract more love, prosperity and happiness. It is a simple and yet a profound truth.

The Opening Your Heart Meditation is a guided dynamic meditation that can raise the energy of your vibration and strengthen the coherence and power of your heart chakra to enhance your manifestation skill. Practicing with this exercise can calm restless feelings and transform your energy into a higher expression… to center in love. And as a side benefit you will sleep so much better and even improve communication and your manifestation skills.

The Opening Your Heart Meditation is now available as a mini-course.
You can check it out by clicking here.




Manifesting What You Want – Upgrading Your Co-Creation Skills


We live in unprecedented times with so many opportunities available to us to improve the quality of life, live with purpose, improve relationships, build a new business and manifest prosperity. I do believe this to be true. All the data supports this contention. I feel very fortunate about the life I’ve created and yet sometimes this belief is hard to believe; especially when we witness the volume of uncertainty, the political climate and the ever widening disparity culturally and economically.

How about you?

Regardless of how crazy life seems to get or how overwhelmed we feel, the solution lies in our ability to sustain confidence. Not the positive thinking kind of confidence which is great BUT the kind of confidence we have in our ability to somehow, someway figure things out. The kind of confidence where we can say, Hey I’ve been there, done that and it worked out. If I did it before, I can do it again.

I honor you and the persistent efforts you’ve made the work through the struggles.

Building confidence is a necessary exercise for many of us. 

Confidence in oneself comes from experience, wisdom and especially from having evidence that you have indeed made progress and/or enjoyed some wins. It becomes a resource state that enables you to move through life with a higher degree of clarity, focus and FLOW.

Self-confidence does not always come naturally. Building it up takes deliberate, conscious effort. While no step-by-step program (even Silva) is perfect, there are some steps that may help you build up your sense of confidence.

You create a resource state of hope, confidence and certainty by reliving with intense positive emotion a past moment of excellence and lock it in with a trigger that you can use when you need it in a new situation to access the feelings of confidence; such as your three fingers held together.

This video lesson is evidence based in Neuro-Psychology, studies on cellular memory and the work of Dr. Albert Ellis. Enjoy and please I’d love to hear from you and your comments.

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The Best Of The Best 2017 Master Classes – New Year Reflection


This was a LIVECAST event that included an expansion of the original Silva tools – 3 Fingers, Mirror Of The Mind – Laboratory and Counselors that inspired Jose Silva and a pioneering movement that became the Silva Method.

You will learn how to develop advanced applications of manifestation skills, higher self alignment and intuition to Take Command Of Your Life for 2018!


The New Year Reflection idea comes to us via my friend Jon Butcher of Lifebook whom I have deep respect for. His  buddy Tim Ferris sent it to him  and I want to share it with you. I do this exercise periodically. 
Tim says that REFLECTION on last year is way more important than setting goals for the coming new year – especially if you’re doing it in a vacuum.


FIRST: Ask yourself, what REALLY WORKED for you in 2016? What were your biggest wins? 
What were the 20% of your actions that yielded 80% of your results? Really dial into that – and then commit to doing MORE of that stuff next year. Write down what that might look like.


SECOND: What DIDN’T WORK for you last year? What people, projects and initiatives created stress and urgency in your life? 
Make that list – and then commit to ELIMINATING that stuff in 2017. Write down what that might look like too.


Tim says that these two lists should be the FOUNDATION of your goals for the coming new year, so you’re building on something tangible, tried and true.


Makes perfect sense to me and I’m going to do it this year. And it makes sense to do anytime.


So if you’re game, block out a couple of uninterrupted hours, grab a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite beverage and put this exercise to work for you.


How To Get All The Sleep You Need And Feel Rested by Ken Coscia


Our cultural dismissal of sleep as time wasted compromises our health and our decision-making and undermines our work lives, our personal lives–and even our sex lives. These days, many of the hours you could spend sleeping are often spent studying, working, or raising a family. It’s hard to be the best you can be or enjoy good health when you don’t get enough sleep. 

That’s especially true when you have a big day ahead.

We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis, with profound consequences to our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness. What we need is nothing short of a sleep revolution: only by renewing our relationship with sleep can we take back control of our lives and our health. Follow the detailed road map in this video to enjoy the great health that can help transform our lives, our communities, and our world.

According to the many sources I have researched, the inability to get to sleep, stay asleep and/or feel rested is costing business Billions of dollars each year. And poor sleep habits are wreaking havoc on our lives in terms of our health, well-being and ultimately our effectiveness in life.

Mind-Body science research has suggested that the key to most of the things we want in life, whether it’s abundance, career success, health, happiness or enlightenment, lies in a particular state of mind.
Scientists have demonstrated that Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies are associated with inner levels of mental activity, tranquility, rest, inspiration, accelerated healing, creativity, intuition, learning and memory.

We attain these states of mind during sleep. The question is… how do you achieve this state of mind during waking consciousness?
If you are a Silva Method practitioner, then of course you know the answer. The challenge is to prioritize your time to enjoy daily Alpha breaks.
We’ve all heard the expression that if you have your health, you have everything. Or something like that. And yet even with all the tools at our disposal, many find themselves struggling with poor health, chronic pain, lack of mobility, low energy, etc.
How about you?

You and I both know the immense value of integrating a meditation practice into our lives; however many struggle with making the time and/or getting into that new state of being that will boost the immune system and accelerate healing.

According to the World Health Organization, “Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Physical wellbeing is something a person can achieve by enhancing all health-related lifestyle components.

Some Of the Tips And Strategies:
1. Walk or exercise daily – Drink lots of water – stretch
2. Take daily Alpha breaks.
3. Minimum of one hour before bedtime —NO electronics, especially email and social media.
 > Go to sleep the same time each night (when possible)
 > Adjust the temperature to on the cool side.
 > Keep the room as dark as possible.
 > Enter Alpha or 3 – 10 slow deep belly breaths.
 >> Feel genuine gratitude and Appreciation.
 >> Use The Silva Sleep Management Technique (if you know it and need more help).
*** If you wake up and have difficulty getting back to sleep,
       > Take several slow deep belly breaths.
       > Bless people you care about or Imagine and/or visualize positive thoughts about them.
Applying these tips and strategies is an opportunity to gain inner equilibrium, optimize health and activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

These tips and strategies will help you activate healing, have more energy to get to what’s important to you, enhance focus, bring your “Best Self” in all you do, enjoy a better quality of restful sleep and even take off a few pounds.




Self Healing Meditation Framework To Reduce Anxiety And Get Needed Sleep


Today I dedicate this post to my students in my community and the thousands of people who have been directly or indirectly affected by the unprecedented hurricanes this season.

Due to the extreme weather conditions your body, nervous system, spirit, and heart are likely a kind of tired and overwhelmed that is bone deep- and that is to be expected. You are not alone.

You are ok, and you are not ok. Both things are true. Its ok to take a break. It’s ok to seek help. I recommend this Self-Healing Meditation framework to help you restore balance, reduce anxiety and help you sleep and/or stay focused.

Two Steps plus Two:

1. Find a comfortable position, close your eyelids and focus on 3 slow deep breaths
2. Shift your focus of attention to imagine and/or visualize positive healing thoughts for a family member, friend or co-worker.

> This is a key step that will shift the focus away from yourself and any of the tension you are experiencing. Doing this is an act of love and compassion and science demonstrates a noticeable positive effect in the brain when you feel and express compassion. It is a spiritual law that teaches – ” The frequencies of love and compassion transform the energies of fear – anxiety to a higher expression.”

> After imagining and/or visualizing loving thoughts to people you care about, the next thing you know you’ll be fast asleep. I use this tool all the time.

Then if you want to magnify your manifestation skills:

3. Feel Appreciation and Gratitude for a couple of minutes
4. Then Imagine and/or visualize your Best Self and positive outcome for your goals.

The Silva Method’s lead Trainer, Ken Coscia shares his best practices, cutting-edge research, and evidence based proven strategies from nearly 50 years of experience … to help you heal, restore your energy, vitality and well-being.


The RoadMap To Well-Being And Fulfillment – LIVECAST Replay with Ken Coscia


How To Shift From Uncertainty And Struggle To Clarity – Confidence – Vitality – Prosperity & FLOW.


Science has proven it: every human being is trained and conditioned to earn a set amount of income, and enjoy a certain level of fulfillment. The good news is that brain scan studies prove that you can re-wire and strengthen the key areas in your brain that control your conscious AND subconscious and the Silva Method is a proven system to help you take command of your life. 

What is required is applying the right mind- brain-training methodologies and technologies in the right way… so you replace the limiting beliefs, behaviors, and habits that are currently keeping you stuck. In addition, learning how to release any of your past negative experiences, or fears is critical for you to get to the next level of your success.

During this 60 minutes live online event, I shared some of my best practices, cutting-edge research, and evidence-based proven strategies such as advanced Mindfulness practices – Dynamic Meditation from nearly 50 years of experience with the Silva Method …  to help you heal, restore your energy, vitality, and well-being.  

There are four skills that are necessary for you to develop in order to truly Take Command Of Your Life. It is an inside game and these skills are the four pillars to support your growth and effective navigation through the ever-increasing demands, challenges, and opportunities that are a part of Life today.

First, we need to be able to effectively manage the distresses, cultivate hope and optimism and generate energy. You can do this by maintaining your daily dynamic meditation practice and develop triggers that allow you to stay calm and focused even under pressure. You’ll also want to implement short Transitions of releasing tension and focusing on your intention as you move through your day’s activities.

Second, seek clarity by asking questions to understand what you really want and WHY you want it. It’s important that your actions, behaviors and goals are in alignment with your values and that you maintain your integrity. When posed with a challenging situation, you can ask:

  1. Can I change her/him/the event?
  2. Can I help her/him/the event?
  3. Can I live with it?
  4. Can I change me to stay in alignment and make this work?

Third, Rewire your nervous system to eliminate false limiting beliefs and ADD new more positive and supportive beliefs. Your task here is to develop the confidence that you can figure things out. You do this by remembering and reliving your past moments of excellence.

Fourth, Access your creativity and learn to trust your intuition. This takes the right kind of training and practice to understand – What’s The Difference That Makes The Difference!

It’s not easy and I know you may be struggling and yet here you are making the time to help yourself. I want to honor you and your persistent efforts. I would like to help you.

My best advice is to take the live Silva Method Immersion Of Silva Life & Silva Intuition System. And if you have already, come back for a refresher and upgrade your development. Practice and repetition are necessary and KEY.


The Solution Generator

Have you ever struggled with Analysis Paralysis?
You know the horrible feeling of self-doubt that can leave us stuck in indecisiveness and old patterns.
I have and it sucks the life force right out of me. It’s no fun and a waste of time and energy. How about you? Can you relate?
You’ve heard how my life was transformed from no direction to a life of purpose and contribution–From frequent headaches to no more headaches — From failing in College to Cum Laude Honors — When I learned The Silva Method and made dynamic meditation a daily practice.
What you don’t know about me is that the feeling of mounting uncertainty used to mentally paralyze me in self-doubt and the resulting getting stuck. Even today, knowing what I know, it can still be a challenge. 
I learned through years of training and practice to minimize this by learning to take the pressure off and let my subconscious work for me.
I would like to continue to help you to do the same. And you won’t need years of practice. You already have the basics from tools you learned; such as, The Three Fingers Technique, Dream Control, The Glass Of Water Technique, The Laboratory and Counselors, Holoviewing and Case working. Now you just need to implement them.
I know, life is crazy busy and all the demands……BUT can you see how much time and money you’ll save by improving your performance in all you do?! I want you to make the time to apply these tools and enjoy the insights and solutions that come as a result.
Better & Better!