How To Avoid Crash and Burn And Sustain Growth


Have you ever struggled with keeping up with your Silva practice, personal development and/or meditation practice?

Have you ever found yourself slipping back into those old unrewarding patterns of behavior?


I’m sure the answer is YES, if you’re like the rest of us. Our lives are packed with demands on our time. The result is that the quality of our self care plummets. It’s frustrating! I know because I’ve been there too.


Feeding our souls is sooo necessary in order to create new positive patterns that LAST. It’s just like a garden. You plant beautiful flowers, a rich green lawn. If you don’t provide the necessary sunlight, nutrients and water, the result is  – the weeds take over.


I want you to create and use a personal library to support your consistent growth and development. Regardless of what it is. Use  it, if it provides you the support you need. You will be working to change your brain and body to be greater than your environment. This allows you to truly Take Command Of Your Life.
Whether you’re creating a meaningful relationship, working on your health and fitness, cultivating a spiritual practice or building a business, support is necessary to SUSTAIN your growth.
I created the Trust Your Intuition Academy with the intent to support your personal growth with convenient and inexpensive learning opportunities.
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