Dynamic Meditation, Guided Relaxation & Focusing
Created and guided by Ken Coscia

Silva MethodCentering For Excellence: A very practical morning and evening program designed to help you to start your day with feelings of confidence, harmony and balance.
You can mentally prepare for the day and end it free of negative feelings; while clearing your mind to enjoy deep restful sleep. Two programs 1 CD featuring a blend of classical music, relaxation and guided imagery.

Track 1 – morning relaxation to organize the day, center for excellence and goal setting with mental rehearsal.
Track 2 – evening relaxation: clearing exercise of unwanted negative feelings and forgiveness of self and others.

The daily use of this program will help you to: Enhance Your Self Confidence – Stay Positive – Organize Your Time Better – Have More Energy – and Neutralize Unwanted Negative Emotions and Sleep Better.

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Power Programming: The ideal compliment to the Mirror Of The Mind.
This is a practical step-by-step technique to enhance your mastery of manifesting what you really want.

Track 1 – A step by step technique to help you clearly define your desired outcomes/end results.
Track 2 – The guided imagery exercise, mental rehearsal and application of the P.P. Technique to achieve your outcomes/end results.

The occasional use of this program will help you to clarify your personal vision of what you want and set into motion the action steps needed to get what you really want for better and more consistent results.


Future Self: A fun time travel awareness process to help you create a more compelling future filled with hope, confidence and certainty.
Can also be used to spark intuitive insights. It is a delightful blend of thought provoking music, relaxation and guided imagery. This can help you to awaken and develop your Intuition for more effective decision-making. You can also create a brighter, more optimistic outlook for a more meaningful life and great to help Improve visualization and imagination.


The Cave: Seems to be everyone’s favorite.
A time travel awareness process to gain access to meaningful insights from the past. This features a wonderful blend of inspirational music that will transport you through the Age Regression Exercise to regain access to happy, successful memories. There are more benefits than space to list. The occasional use of this program will activate and enhance visualization, imagination, and memory. The Cave has been effective as a tool to release and be free of unwanted negative emotions of the past and their effects – to research ‘past lives’ – and gain breakthrough insights.

Relaxation Exercise/Alpha “Healing” Sound CD
Track 1: A guided relaxation exercise to gain freedom from stress. Eliminate the physical effects of tension and anxiety, stress and gain vitality and peace of mind.
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(Centering, Cave, Future Self, Power Programming)    
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Staying Healthy & Productive
A relaxation and focusing exercise to free yourself from the negative effects of stress and renew your spirit. This program is a synthesis of Ken soothing voice over calming music, proven controlled relaxation techniques, positive affirmations and guided imagery. Turn Your Nap Into A Power Nap Through Controlled Relaxation.
• 75% of all doctors’ visits are directly or indirectly related to stress.
• 80% of headaches and insomnia are stress induced.
• Most people usually agree that they more likely to be forgetful have an accident or make a mistake when they are stressed out.
• University studies, also suggest that obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. are stress related.
More importantly, it has been very well documented with overwhelming scientific evidence over the past 40 years, that stress reduction through relaxation, positive affirmation, and imagery techniques when integrated into one’s lifestyle can reverse disease, and aging.




The Lost Sense: Intuition & You

Lost Sense DVDKen Coscia’s The Lost Sense includes:
• Why intuition is becoming an absolute necessity in the world of business
• The 7 step sequence to using intuition for problem solving
• The Relaxation Exercise: experience an instant wave of relaxation
• Remote Viewing: an expose on this top-secret Government project (and how you can use it)
• When to trust your intuition and when not to
• The Higher Purpose Vision – A technique for discovering your true calling
• How does your body physically respond to intuition? A fascinating insight
• Distortions of Perception. Find out if these factors are clouding your judgment?
• The 15 channels of receiving intuitive messages
• And much, much more!

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